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Since 2013, Baking Powder Lab has been committed to ‘brewing’ diverse design solutions and brand profiles. We maintain ongoing partnerships with over 70  clients across Hong Kong, PRC, Taiwan, USA, UK and France. The journey has been inspiring and incubated wonderful experiences, which nurtured us into the brand-new Bake and Brew Limited. Today, we will continue to create diligently with a focus on visual identity, graphic and packaging design. We are also thrilled to see more and more talented professionals joining the team and unleash their full potential in photography and video production, which promise a more comprehensive design solution to our clients.

Bake and Brew Limited attends to details with every comprehensive design solution. From Branding to graphic design, from film production and photography to design project management, we elevate the journey of creativity with profound experience. 

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Audi at home

The demand for vehicles of Hongkonger is increasing with cultural changes, car sharing has also become a social trend. Audi (Hong Kong) launch this program enable people to book and drive for a weekend getaway or a business trip in a more convenient way. Audi at home is a residential car booking service targeting the residents of Dragons Range. Residents can book a series of Audi models at any time. The program will also be launched in other high-end local residences afterward.

The 5th
Amnestry International Hong Kong
Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

A set of thorn typeface was created,  presented as a basic education tool, alphabet list, echoing the education theme of the film festival as well as the Amnesty International. The twists of the letters and strikes on the keywords are demonstrating the struggle of the human rights fights, and the relentlessly changing alphabet symbolises the persistent efforts and hard-earned developments.

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