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NMN is naturally abundant in mammalian cells and various types of food. It can prevent cell mutation, apoptosis and senescence, which also activates Sirtuins - a class of proteins that could affect metabolism and longevity.

The brand logo of Timeplus features two interweaving letters of "T" in 3 dimensions, which symbolise the attributes of gene. “T” represents “Time”, while the concept of gene implies a sense of “+”, which embodies a strong belief to break through genetic limits, to increase energy and vitality, and to strengthen the human-animal bond throughout time.

Standing out in the pet supplements market, the packaging design of Timeplus Doggy / Moggy NMN Longevity Formula unites the concept of time with translucent gradient colours, which tells the high-tech patenting background of the brand. With holistic wellness as our philosophy, we hope to create more quality time for our customers to spend with their best companions in life.

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