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︎ Alex Tang, a veteran designer with vast experiences in graphic design, media arts and interior design. He now is a full member of The Hong Kong Designer Association. After graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University SPEED, Hong Kong Art School and First Institute of Art and Design, he has started his career as a freelancer specializing in visual identity for food and beverage industry since 2006. Intergrating design thinking into business development and daily operation. He joined top local brand agencies in Hong Kong where he has thriven into an all-round brand creator. He believes that design as the medium and a good design should be considerating, functional and user-friendly. With considerable passion for and strong insistence on art and craftmanship, he incorporates art with design, resulting in a distinctive style that exuberates elegance, minimalism and pragmatism. As an active member of Hong Kong arts community, He has been participating in numerous exhibitions and social arts projects. His works are inspired by subtle emotions. By interacting with people, Alex builds up a connection between people and the community. He hopes his artworks could reach out and share with more people. He is keen to reproduce forgotten memories for his audience by inviting them to have a hands-on experience with design. Artworks are often microscopic and open questions for providing spaces to imagine. 

︎ Victoria Chan, a beauty and fashion photographer based in Hong Kong. She is also expert in female portrait photography. From the training of traditional art and painting, she develop her own style in photography. She is heavily influenced by the work of Old Masters, such as Bernini and Waterhouse, which enables her to create timeless imagery that displays feminine strength, unique beauty and lasting style. She now is a member of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers.

︎ Ray Lau is a Hong Kong-Based Malaysian writer-director. He graduated from the 11th Golden Horse Film Academy and Master Class in Film Directing by Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild. LAU's TV works are diverse from documentaries to dramas. He is currently developing his debut feature film The Sunny Side of the Street, which has won Script Service Award in Film Lab of Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum.

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